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Wildland Hose Clamp

  The Wildland Hose Clamp HC1510 is made of cast aluminum with brass fittings designed for use on single jacket fire hose up to 1.75″. It has a built-in spanner for use on fittings 2.5″ and smaller. The durable brass locking mechanism holds the clamp in the closed position.  


vft Load-hauling frame

A load-carrying backpack designed to help forest firefighter brigades transport hoses and other heavy loads, such as motor pumps, water tanks and other elements necessary to put out forest fires. The padded harness and loading system, based on a mountain-climbing backpack design, make this load-carrying backpack ergonomic and comfortable. It has a size adjustment system to […]

vft Hose Carrying

A backpack designed to help fire brigades carry hoses and other heavy loads such as motor pumps, water tanks and other elements needed to extinguish wildland fires. The ergonomic design, which is inspired by the mountain backpack load system, and padded harness make carrying heavy items comfortable. Cushioned Structure Aluminum structure covered by an all-new and unique cushioning […]


Vallfirest Fire Line

The Fire Line 5 gal Backpack Pump offers comfort and resistance for carrying out direct attack maneuvers with a water line. Designed with padded shoulder straps and belt for better ergonomics. Carrying handle Easier loading and grip for filling at outdoor water points. Filling cap A large anti-leak filling cap with built-in filter. Water tank 5 gal. […]


Twin Tips Nozzle

1″ Wildland Nozzle Straight Stream & Fog NST. The Twin Tip Nozzle is a cast aluminum nozzle that has a spray position, a straight stream and off position.  The straight stream is standard 3/16″ and is available with 1/4″ or 3/8″ orifices. The standard spray disc is 3 GPM with a 6 GPM available. The straight […]


Multifunctional tool Gorgui

The multi-purpose tool Gorgui is designed exclusively for wildland fire fighting. It was created out of the experience and needs of firefighting brigades with the greatest of experience using manual tools. The main feature is the versatility on all types of ground. The innovative design has made it possible to replace the 3 most commonly used tools […]


Large Diameter Hose

– MC80 will roll up to 100′ of 5″, 6″, & 7″ hose.  – MC80 takes the BACK-BREAK out of rolling LD hose. – Light-weight portable LD hose roller attaches to the Hitch Receiver or tailboard of a truck. – You roll your Large Diameter hose in a STAND-UP position!


Husky Portable Standard

CALL FOR PRICING Husky’s port-a-tank liners are designed so there are no bulky corners or sagging liner. Our manufacturing process (patent pending) allows us to use one continuous piece of material for the side panel, which is then welded to our Husky-Duty floor material. We also install solid brass grommets in a tight pattern, alleviating any liner […]

Hose Coiler

All Forestry Products meet or exceed USDA FS 5100 Series Specifications – Light-Weight, Compact, and Portable hose Rollers – Roll hose in a standing position Smaller Coilers MC40 and MC65 – Designed to make easy work out of coiling 1” to 3” hose under any condition – Capable of Dutch rolls – Attaches to virtually […]

Flamefighter Trash Hook

  The head of our drywall hook is fabricated from 3/16″ plate steel parts that are formed and then welded into a solid structure. The use of fabricated plate results in a stronger head than a casting would provide as well as being lighter. The head is held onto our standard, heavy duty fiberglass handle […]


Flamefighter Round Point

All handles are produced from thousands of continuous strands of fiberglass saturated with thermosetting resins and a non-fiberglass polyester veil impregnated on the surface. The veil gives the handle a smooth finish and keeps the fiberglass from splintering.


Flamefighter McLeod Tool

The McLeod Tool is primarily used in the Forestry Service. It features a 3/16″ plate steel head that has been cut to form deep teeth. The handle is our standard heavy duty tubing with a 1.25″ OD and 0.9″ID for maximum strength to weight. The head is attached to the fiberglass handle with two (2) […]