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National Foam Universal

Environmentally Responsible Foam Concentrate Highly versatile, eliminates the need to stock a variety of foam types Listed for use on a wide variety of polar solvent fuels and oxygenated fuel blends Select hazardous material applications Suitable for use with fresh and sea water Suitable for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguishing agents Universal Alcohol […]


National Foam Universal

Alcohol Resistant AFFF ***Georgia Sales Only***


National Foam Responder

Environmentally Responsible Foam Concentrate **Georgia Sales Only**


National Foam High

High Expansion Foam Concentrate **Georgia Sales Only**


National Foam Centurion

Environmentally Responsible Foam Concentrate **Georgia Residents Only**


National Foam Aer-O-Water

Environmentally Responsible Foam Concentrate **Georgia Sales Only**


Fol-Da-Tank The “FLYER”

  Uses: Filling Back Pack Tanks Potable Water Foam Retardants Extinguishing Duff Embers Small/Light Pumps Gravity Feed Reservoirs Potable Water Fabric is Available (Part No. FDA72/FDA134) Design Features: Pyramid Shape Blivets Heavy Duty (PVC) Vinyl Transportable by Helicopter or Truck         Part No. 72F Part No. 134F 72 U.S. Gal. 134 U.S. Gal. […]

Call for Price


Years of research have resulted in our ability to manufacture a 6% aqueous film forming foam concentrate that gives high performance equal to the leading brand with a price that is a least 30% less. Since 1979 this product has been evaluated, purchased and reordered by thousands of fire fighting organizations including the fire departments […]