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Standard “D” Cylinder Bracket with Strap. This heavy-duty stainless stell bracket secures standard “D” gas cylinders (jumbo “D” will not fit). Simply place cylinder in the bracket and hold it in place with the strap provided. Bracket has four holes for mounting. 4-3/4″ L x 4-3/8″ W x 16-5/8″ H



Strapless “D” Cylinder Brackets. No straps. No hassles. Fast, simple, and self-locking – because every second counts. Secures standard, jumbo, and steel “D” gas cylinders. Accomodates most regulators. Backspring ensures snug fit and virtually no rattling. Durable stainless steel construction. Easier to clean and disinfect – no fabric to harbor bloodborne pathogens. Mounts solo or […]

QUIC-MOUNT Premixed Can

Secures and protects 32 oz. premixed cans and other 3-3/8″ diameter containers where you need them most. Yellow powder-coated steel. Bracket design makes it easy to remove the can even while wearing gloves.


QUIC-MOUNT Portable Generator

  Mount portable generators with these specially designed brackets. Absorbent pad collects loose fluids while the safety strap secures the generator on the bracket. 20-5/8″ L x 12″ W


QUIC-MOUNT Neoprene Post

    The nine-inch rubber post is simple to install and never affected by moisture. Ideal for holding standard play pipe nozzles or stacked couplings. Single 3/8″ diameter hole required for mounting. 4″ W (at bottom) x 9-1/8″ H (less bolt) x 1-3/8″ W (at top).


QUIC-MOUNT Multiversal Nozzle

    One Mount. Four Configurations. The Multiversal Nozzle Bracket can be mounted vertically or horizontally on an apparatus, and then adjusted to hold the nozzle either vertically or horizontally. Base is heavy-duty cast aluminum. The steel top bracket is PVC-coated to protect the nozzle. The reference diagram below shows the maximum dimensions that the […]


QUIC-MOUNT Gallon Premix

Keeps rectangular cans up to 1 gallon (7″ x 4.5″) secured and organized where you need them most. Lowers risk of tipping, falling, leaking, denting, and puncturing during transport. Made with heavy-duty steel, yellow powder-coated for additional protection.


QUIC-MOUNT Folding Ladder

Rugged, high-tensile aluminum alloy brackets securely hold a folding ladder while requiring minimal space on fire and emergency vehicles. Sold in sets of two. A spring-loaded handle provides positive locking action to assure that folding ladder remains secure when vehicle is in motion. To release, the handle is simply pulled straight out and turned to […]



Keep your valve mounted beside the discharge point for convenient and immediate access. Secure valve to any flat surface with this high-strength cast aluminum base. Each mount comes equipped with two nylon straps with quick-release buckles. Built-in stops prevent movement and shifting during transport. Base measures 14″ L x 16″ W NOTE: Not for use […]


QUIC-CHOC Wheel Chocs

Zico Wheel Chocs feature: High tensile strength aluminum construction. A large rear-opening hand grip. A double row of rugged teeth that grip virtually any firm surface. NFPA 1901-09 compliant (excluding AC-1) and third-party tested. Models AC-32 and AC-44 are SAEJ348. WARNING: Undersized chocs may fail to properly restrain vehicle. The apparatus may either roll over […]


QUIC-CHOC Folding Wheel

“The Fire Industry’s Most Popular Choc.” A strong, dependable wheel choc for use with tires up to 44″ in diameter. Easily folds up and tucks away under the running board, providing you with increased safety in less space. Features high-tensile strength aluminum construction, a large rear-opening hand grip, and a double row of rugged teeth […]


Pistol Grip Nozzle

  Nozzle Bracket Mount may be used with most pistol grip nozzles. Great for booster lines! Quic-release safety strap holds the nozzle securely in place. Mount the PVC coated bracket horizontally or vertically. Handle slot 2″ L x 1.35″ W.