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Yates Spec Pak

CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE   This unique patient packaging and extrication system combines a short spine board with the support of a full-body harness. The polyethylene backboard provides rigidity and a smooth sliding surface for confined space extrications. Handles at the side and head provide grip points for handling the patient. The unique self-adjusting cervical […]


USAR Task Force

  CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE   A good package for a truck or engine company that responds to over-the-side rescues or needs a vertical lift capability for trench or confined space rescues, this kit contains the primary rope rescue equipment on most of the FEMA and USAR requirements lists. For a communications capabiity, add the […]


True North L-2

  L-2 SEARCH ROPE BAG Our newest search line bag is made of our new nylon 6,6 Iron-Cloth™ fabric for enhanced performance and durability. Designed to hold up to 200' of 9mm Kevlar line with rope ports at the top and bottom large enough for Chicago style knots and rings. Large Velcro opening allows rope […]


True North High

Carry up to 100 ft. of hose. Strap consists of 4 quick release color-coded Velcro® closures. U-Shaped design keeps hose center of gravity close to your own.   Carry up to 100 ft. of hose Four heavy-duty nylon straps cinch the hose tight Color-coded reflective trim. Silver marks the nozzle U-Shaped design. Keeps hose center […]


The Tool Bag

Developed for easy access to commonly used tools. No flaps, zippers or closures to get in the way when specific tools are needed quick. Constructed with R&B Fabrication's "TUFF BOTTOM" this durable bag has superior durability, yet it is extremely lightweight. The outside side walls of the bag are constructed of heavy reinforced vinyl and […]


Team MPD Rigging

CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE   When your team needs to perform high- or low-angle rescue operations, this kit includes the combined contents of our Rope Rescue Team Kit with personal gear for four rescuers (4 x Rescuer Personal Kit) and our new ATOM™ Rescue Harness for departments that prefer a full-body harness.   Each Rope […]


Survivor 8 Escape

Our cost-effective Escape System does not sacrifice performance. It features the Survivor 8, 50 feet of Escape Line, a tough Cordura® nylon Escape Bag, and two ProTech™ Auto-Lock Carabiners for attaching the line. Please note: this system includes a Red ProTech™ Auto-Lock Carabiner on the Survivor 8 end and a Red ProTech™ Auto-Lock Carabiner with Keeper Pin on the rope end. Photo may show an outdated configuration.


Skedco Sked-Evac Tripod

CALL FOR PRICING   Manufactured by Skedco, makers of the Sked® Stretcher, the Sked-EVAC tripod features aircraft-grade, gold-anodized aluminum legs and a cast-aluminum head. Three heavy-duty rigging anchors, located in the center, have exceptionally large holes for easy attachment. Legs adjust in 5-in (127-mm) increments for a maximum height of 10 ft (3 m) and a […]

Rope Rescue Team

CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE   Containing the minimum equipment required to handle most high or low-angle rope rescue responses, this kit includes a main line with mechanical advantage for raising and a descent control device for lowering, a belay line, a litter with a patient-packaging system, and gear for setting up anchors. In addition to […]


River Rescue Z-Rig

The CMC River Rescue Z-Rig Kit provides all the water-compatible rescue equipment needed to set up a 3:1 mechanical advantage system in a water rescue situation. This package includes the water-compatible components you need for setting up a 3:1 mechanical advantage system for water rescue incidents. ProTech Pulleys help keep the bulk and weight down, […]


RigTech Pack  

Rescue Technology Stainless

CALL FOR PRICING Durable Aluminum Sheave. The most versatile Knot-Passing / Highline pulley yet. Extra-wide 3" sheave easily passes knots in 1/2" rope. Large center rigging hole accepts up to three large carabiners, two smaller holes provide tagline attachments. Pins stowed directly on sideplates install to lock the sheave, allowing the pulley to be used […]