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Team K970A Circular

Husqvarna K970 Saw  “Commercial Version of the K12FD”   Most popular rescue saw after the K-12FD Fire Department Unit. The Husqvarna K970 Active has the exact engine and technological advances of the K-12FD, but does not include Fire Department modifications. Even without modifications the K970 Active is superior to anything the competition has to offer […]


Task Force Tips

Free Shipping! PRODUCT SERIES OVERVIEW •   TFT offers exclusive personal tools such as the Res-Q-Me, a seat belt cutter and window punch designed to be kept on a key ring, the Res-Q-Rench which incorporates a spanner wrench, gas and O2 shutoff along with a seat belt cutter and window punch, and the unique Hose Hook for […]


Super Vac 26

DUE TO RESTRICTED SALES TERRITORIES, THIS OFFER IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO GEORGIA AND FLORIDA PANHANDLE CUSTOMERS. CALL FOR PRICING.   Paratech Medium Pressure Rescue Air Cushions ADVANTAGES: • Lifting heights from 17 in to 40 in / 43 cm to 102 cm • Greater stability due to the size of the contact area • Lighter […]

Ringers Barrier 1

Waterproof and breathable Hipora barrier to protect hands from micro-organisms such as TB, Hepatitus, Staph and HIV meets O.S.H.A.  Bloodborne Pathogens Standards (29CFR 1910.1030) Boxed finger tip design for better fit and comfort Elastic cuff and gaitor to keep out glass and debris Molded TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) knuckle reduces impact, increases dexterity and features […]

Rescue Tech USAR

CALL FOR PRICING   An equipment set designed to provide equipment for basic rigging, access, and rescue. All of our kits are made with the most current model of the components. As such, many kits are made-to-order and may require a couple of days to assemble. Colors: Blue, Red  This kit is composed of:  1 […]


Rescue Tech Technical

CALL FOR PRICING   The basic starter set for most team members.  Includes:  1 Expert II Class III Harness 1 Vertex Vent II Helmet 1 EOS LED Headlamp 3 OD50 NFPA Rescue Carbiners Screwgate Gold 1 NFPA Rescue 8 (BK) 1 Pro Leather Golove (BK) 1 Harness Equipment Pouch (RD) 1 Daisy Chain 36" (RD) […]

Rescue Tech Mesh

CALL FOR PRICING   Features Adjustable Center Strap Full body support for security and comfort. Easily installed on seated or standing persons. Grid design of webbing fully supports patient while mesh provides extra comfort as well as drainage for use in water rescues. Includes adjustable shoulder straps. Constructed of heavy duty Vinyl coated polyester mesh […]

Rescue Tech Aluminum

CALL FOR PRICING   Due to the length of this item please call to place your order as shipping charges will not be accurately calculated on this website.  ALUMINUM LITTER TRAILER The Aluminum Litter Trailer is the right tool for the job!  It allows the rescuer to move heavy loads over great distances with minor […]

PMI Yellow/Brown 12.5mm

      The longest lasting, highest visibility rope you can buy for low light environments. Our special Retro Reflective material stands out like a beacon in the darkest night when a light is shined on it. Choose from Retro Classic, Retro Water Rescue Ropes, or Retro Multi-Cord. Key Features: Classic EZ-Bend Retro reflective filaments Increases […]


PMI Whip End

  Seal your rope ends to prevent fraying and add a color coding option to your gear with this water based liquid vinyl compound sealant. Key Features: Perfect for color coding multiple ropes Available in three colors Non toxic Easy to apply 1 bottle = 64 ends (3 coats each) Color: Clear   Weight: 0 lbs 5.0 […]

PMI Water Rescue

Designed at the request of our customers, this rope is intended for use as a bagged throw rope for boat or shore based water rescue. The continuous stranded polypropylene core provides flotation to the wear – resistant braided nylon sheath. This rope has a higher breaking strength than economy polypropylene water rescue rope, and is […]


PMI Ventilator Helmet

  This light duty rescue helmet has all of the features of the Advantage, but has an added vent for those jobs when you need the protection of the Kevlar shell along with a breeze. Key Features: Kevlar shell Three point chinstrap Headlamp retainer Earmuff clip Reflectors Fully adjustable   Size: One Size   Sizing Info: Head […]