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PMI Tractel Beam

This anchorage is designed to fit I-beams from 3” to 9.25”. Simple installation, removable. Meets ANSI, CSA, and OSHA anchorage requirements. Key Features: Rated for a one person load Removable Clamp is rated at 1 ton MBS: 24 kN (5400 lbf) Weight: 12 lbs 4.8 oz (5.600 kg) Length: 15.00" (38.1 cm) Width: 2.50" (6.4 cm) Height: 6.00" (15.2 cm) […]


PMI TerrAdaptor Tripod

Multiple configurations of the TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor System can be built from various standard system components. The primary system revolves around the TerrAdaptor Tripod System (SM230100N). This system includes all of the necessary parts to assemble a standard symmetric tripod that provides the ability to reach a height of approximately 10 ft, and can be […]


PMI TerrAdaptor Quadpod

Key Features: Quadpod Head Attachment Leg kit complete with Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket, Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins each, Main Attachment Pin, Rope Hobble Section          Download Product PDF


PMI TerrAdaptor Gin

Key Features: 2 Lash Ring with Coupling Pins Leg kit complete with Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket TerrAdaptor™ User Guide          Download Product PDF


PMI Tandem Prusik

Tandem prusiks are a common tool for belaying heavy loads. This kit has everything you need to set up a Tandem Prusik Belay, including the Radium Release Hitch. Read about the advantages of the Radium Release Hitch below. Key Features: Includes a PMI Radium Release Hitch Kit 3” SMC PMP pulley 2, 8 mm Sewn […]


PMI Steel O

Simple, low cost focal point for rigging. This is a “bombproof” forged steel ring that is ideal for any multi-directional loading situation. MBS: 44 kN (10000 lbf) Weight: 0 lbs 9.0 oz (256 g) Length: 4.00" (10.2 cm) Width: 4.00" (10.2 cm) Height: 0.50" (1.3 cm) OD: 4.00" ID: 3.00"


PMI SMC TerrAdaptor

FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM! Leg Hobbles are an important structural element for the TerrAdaptor. The Rope Hobble provided with each TerrAdaptor are light, versatile, and much easier to use than a standard chain hobble. The rope and prusik cord used in the hobble is specially designed for low stretch and high strength.



In recognition of the unique requirements found in Swift Water Rescue, this aluminum pulley features a series of holes in the side plates to help to minimize any hydroplaning. Key Features: Lightweight aluminum 2” Aluminum sheave Sealed bearings Accepts ropes up to 1/2” Color: Red MBS: 34 kN (7786 lbf) Weight: 0 lbs 6.0 oz (170 g) Length: 4.00″ […]


PMI SMC Spider

The SMC Spider is an Auto Braking NFPA L Rated Descender designed for work positioning and personal descent. The Spider provides persons working at height the ability to easily maneuver and secure themselves while on the fly. Allowing users to easily load and unload from the device without having to unclip from their harness, it […]


PMI SMC Shuttle

The SMC Shuttle Tandem Pulley is one of the lightest, fastest and most versatile tandem pulleys on the market. Designed to last the long haul and for use on cable or rope up to 13mm. The SMC Shuttle features stainless steel sheaves, four independent sealed ball bearing assemblies, stainless steel fasteners and multiple connection points […]


PMI SMC Personal

When easy application and removal of an escape descender is desired, the SMC Escape 8 is a convenient choice. Familiar figure 8 shape is modified and optimized for descending on small diameter ropes. Key Features: Compact Lightweight Color: Gold MBS: 14 kN (3147 lbf) Weight: 0 lbs 1.7 oz (48 g) Length: 2.80" (7.1 cm) Width: 2.73" (6.9 cm) Height: 0.38" […]



Half the size of the bigger plates on the market, yet just as strong and with oversized holes to accommodate more gear. Contoured edges are easy on ropes, webbing and carabiners. Each oval hole will easily accept 2 large carabiners while a large center hole accepts numerous connections. Key Features: Anodized aluminum Holes are numbered […]