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USAR Task Force

  CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE   A good package for a truck or engine company that responds to over-the-side rescues or needs a vertical lift capability for trench or confined space rescues, this kit contains the primary rope rescue equipment on most of the FEMA and USAR requirements lists. For a communications capabiity, add the […]


True North L-2

  L-2 SEARCH ROPE BAG Our newest search line bag is made of our new nylon 6,6 Iron-Cloth™ fabric for enhanced performance and durability. Designed to hold up to 200' of 9mm Kevlar line with rope ports at the top and bottom large enough for Chicago style knots and rings. Large Velcro opening allows rope […]


True North High

Carry up to 100 ft. of hose. Strap consists of 4 quick release color-coded Velcro® closures. U-Shaped design keeps hose center of gravity close to your own.   Carry up to 100 ft. of hose Four heavy-duty nylon straps cinch the hose tight Color-coded reflective trim. Silver marks the nozzle U-Shaped design. Keeps hose center […]


Team MPD Rigging

CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE   When your team needs to perform high- or low-angle rescue operations, this kit includes the combined contents of our Rope Rescue Team Kit with personal gear for four rescuers (4 x Rescuer Personal Kit) and our new ATOM™ Rescue Harness for departments that prefer a full-body harness.   Each Rope […]


River Rescue Z-Rig

The CMC River Rescue Z-Rig Kit provides all the water-compatible rescue equipment needed to set up a 3:1 mechanical advantage system in a water rescue situation. This package includes the water-compatible components you need for setting up a 3:1 mechanical advantage system for water rescue incidents. ProTech Pulleys help keep the bulk and weight down, […]



  Large size locking carabiners developed by SMC especially for the needs of the fire and rescue communities. Available in several different metal finishes, as well as in both NFPA (Class G) and non-NFPA versions. Black zinc coated models are ideal for tactical operations and stainless steel model is best for corrosive environments. Large gate […]


PMI Rope Pack

When you need a little extra help with the load, the PMI Rope pack will help make the haul easier. Padded backpack straps make carrying a loaded bag more manageable. Key Features: Double sewn seams 1000 denier heavy coated Cordura Drawstring closure 1” tubular handles with rope insert 5/8” grommet on the side of the […]


PMI Personal Rope

PMI’s exclusive combination of features includes double sewn seams that reinforce the stress points when stuffing your favorite PMI rope. Four sizes to keep gear clean and organized. Key Features: Double sewn seams 1000 denier heavy coated Cordura Drawstring closure 1” tubular handles with rope insert 5/8” grommet on the side of the bag (except […]

EVAC Water Rescue

  Color: Red, Orange, Blue Dimensions: 5.5″W x 12″H The Water Rescue Throw Bag holds 70 feet of 3/8″ water rescue rope, and comes with an extra-large foam float packed inside. Also includes elastic loops, to secure a light stick for night rescue visibility.

EVAC Deluxe S*A*R

  The Deluxe S*A*R Pak holds more hardware, and 300 feet of rope. For search and rescue or confined space operations, the S*A*R is the ultimate Pak for efficiently organizing your gear in an ergonomically designed, comfortable, good-looking Pak. Our S*A*R Pak carries your rescue gear in a narrow profile, semi-stayed internal frame designed backpack. When you need your […]

Confined Space Rescue

CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE This kit has the minimum equipment for the entrant, attendant, stand-by rescuer, main-line operator and belayer to set up systems for vertical entry into a confined space for both rescue and patient transport. For a complete confined space solution, add or use your own communication, gas monitor, and ventilation equipment. Teams […]


Aztek ProSeries System

CALL FOR FREIGHT QUOTE Improved! As one of the most versatile tools in rope rescue, the CMC AZTEK ProSeries System reflects our philosophy of keeping rigging equipment simple, efficient, light, compact, and multi-purpose. Originally developed by Reed Thorne of Arizona-based Ropes That Rescue, the AZTEK (Arizona Technician’s Edge Kit) is used worldwide and offers more than […]