Task Force Tips MX-Foamjet – Quadrafog 1″ (25mm)


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Air-aspirating foam-making attachment for all 1" (25mm) QuadraFog Series nozzles. Aspirates foam when operating the 1" (25mm) QuadraFog nozzle in 24-40 gpm (90-150 l/min) setting. The MX-FOAMJET is constructed of durable U.V. stabilized polyethylene and aluminum. Diameter 6.4" (16.3cm). NOTE: Not intended to produce foam at 5 and 10 gpm (20 and 40 l/min) settings.

Foam Attachment Material Polyethylene, Aluminum
Foam Expansion Performance Multi-Expansion
For Attachment To 1 Inch Quadrafog

Foam Attachment Video

Foam Concentrate Video

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QuadraFog Series Video

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