Fire Hooks Jumbo Pro Bar 54″


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A new and innovative tool for the millenium. A one piece tools made out of aircraft steel. Designed to replace the tool assignment of the roof and outside rear vent man. These firefighters are assigned two tools with variations of a 6 foot hook, halligan, (pro-bar) or an axe. The weight factors reaches from 18 to 21 pounds.

While weighing only 13 pounds with a length of 54 inches, the Jumbo Pro allows a free hand to assist you while climbing ladders, fire escapes, and stairs. It can do the job of two with the safety feature of one.


  • Can drop ladders on fire escapes.
  • Can vent the second window off fire escapes.
  • Doesn’t hang up on structural supports of fire escapes.
  • Can force window gates with ease.
  • Perfect to pick up roof saw cuts.
  • Can force open roof doors easily.
  • Using the ring on the fork end and a piece of rope, venting of (EEW) can be accomplished (Energy Efficient or Thermal Panes).
  • Drive the fork end into a car hood and pop with ease.
  • Remove window bars on HUD buildings.
  • Adds to the efficiency of normal conventional ops.

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Weight13.00 lbs