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Tornado Diamond Rescue

TEAM Tornado Rescue Diamond Blade – Excellent Performance “CONCRETE – METAL” CAN OUTLAST 100+ ABRASIVE WHEELS Are you cutting burglar bars, automobiles or steel with your rescue saw?   Rescue Blades for Rescue Saws: The Tornado Diamond Blade is the answer. Because of its unique diamond matrix and heavy duty steel core, it can cut […]


Team K970 14″

Husqvarna K970 Ringsaw The Husqvarna K970 Ringsaw is the world’s first gas-powered cutter able to make 10″ deep cuts with a 14″ blade. This may seem impossible to anyone who uses standard power cutters, since 14″ blades can normally only achieve a cutting depth of 5″. However, Husqvarna simply combined their unique and patented Ringsaw […]


Team Husqvarna K12FD74

TEAM Husqvarna K12FD 74  Saw “Unbeatable Power in it’s Class” TEAM/HUSQVARNA’s K12FD 74 Forcible Entry Rescue Saw, 74cc of power in a smaller, a high quality, lightweight rescue saw.  A perfect saw for forcible entry situations, urban roof ventilation and light concrete cutting. Top performancewhen cutting automobiles, iron bars, gates, locks, fire doors, silos, all […]


Team Husqvarna K

The Husqvarna K 760 Cut-n-Break now has a new type of Cut-n-Break blade, with an improved stable core and cutting performance. The saw can cut in stages through walls up to 16″ thick. With a standard engine of 73 cc, the Cut-n-Break has taken a big step toward increased cutting capacity. Additionally, the power cutter […]


Team Fire Rescue

TEAM Husqvarna K12FD94 Fire Rescue Saw BEST SELLING RESCUE SAW IN THE U.S.A. Our best rescue saw offering – TEAM K12FD Fire Rescue Saw Husqvarna K970 Rescue is now the K12FD94 . The K12FD94 has the best power/weight ratio of any rescue cutter on the market. P erfect ergonomics in a compact package, combined with […]


Piraya Diamond Blade

*Remove Bushing for 1″ Arbor* For years the fire service has requested a “one blade cuts all materials” for rescue saws. The PIRAYA Multi-Purpose Diamond Blade from TEAM is the answer. MULTI-PURPOSE DIAMOND BLADE FOR ALL MATERIALS: concrete, masonry, metal, plastic, wood, rebar, copper, glass block, windshields, auto parts, tile, aluminum, stainless steel, corrugated roofs […]


Lightning Diamond Rescue

TEAM Long Lasting Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade for Rescue Saws CAN OUTLAST 150+ ABRASIVE WHEELS   Rescue Blades for Rescue Saws: The Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade is a perfect match-up with the powerful K12FD Rescue Saw!  The TEAM Equipment line of diamond blades may also be used on other 12″ or 14″ cut off style saws. Faster […]


K970A Circular Saw

Husqvarna K970 Saw  “Commercial Version of the K12FD”   Most popular rescue saw after the K-12FD Fire Department Unit. The Husqvarna K970 Active has the exact engine and technological advances of the K-12FD, but does not include Fire Department modifications. Even without modifications the K970 Active is superior to anything the competition has to offer […]


FEMA Diamond Blade

Team has applied a common sense approach to diamond blades for rescue saws. We have selected a unique “Multi-Purpose” blade that cuts an enormous spectrum of materials without loss of cutting speed or blade life. It is a perfect blade for Fire/Rescue Agencies, FEMA and USAR TEAMS as rarely are they in a position to […]