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Rescue Technology Stainless

CALL FOR PRICING Durable Aluminum Sheave. The most versatile Knot-Passing / Highline pulley yet. Extra-wide 3" sheave easily passes knots in 1/2" rope. Large center rigging hole accepts up to three large carabiners, two smaller holes provide tagline attachments. Pins stowed directly on sideplates install to lock the sheave, allowing the pulley to be used […]

Rescue Tech Yates

CALL FOR PRICING     Unique heat resistant "belt" to meet NFPA Ladder / Escape Belt standards. Belt is easily secured around waist using unique double locking snap hook and 'D' Ring adjuster. Can be used as an equipment belt for carrying axes or forcible entry tools. Two light weight D-rings slide along belt to […]


Rescue Tech Working

CALL FOR PRICING. An extremely tough manikin for all Working at Height training. Used globally by Special Rescue teams, Arborists, Health & Safety trainers, Industrial Rescue teams, and many more. Similar in construction to the Duty Range manikins but utilizes closed cell foam to the trunk to provide greater rigidity and reduce 'slumping' when using […]

Rescue Tech Window

CALL FOR PRICING   Skedco's unique anchor design allows escape from burning buildings where there are no other anchors available. This is your "Last Chance Bailout" anchor. It will fold to be carried in a holster or bailout kit. When used, the ends are extended, a carabiner is placed into the holes in both parts […]

Rescue Tech Water

CALL FOR PRICING. Used by the US Coast Guard, Sheriff's Departments, Lifeguard Trainers, and Emergency personnel for both on water and in water rescue and retrieval. Manufactured of durable vinyl plastic with rust resistant steel skeleton (adult and adolescent models). Articulated joints on Adult and Adolescent. Whe  filled with water manikin will submerge to neck. […]

Rescue Tech Water

CALL FOR PRICING   Constructed of heavy duty tubular webbing, elastic, and steel ring.  One end has a 2" ring to attach to the waist strap of Rescue PFD's.  The other end is attached to a lightweight non-locking aluminum carabiner. 351101 Short Tether (35" Max) 351105 Long Teher (54" Max)


Rescue Tech Voyager

CALL FOR PRICING   Lightweight design provides ease of use. Featuring quick adjust legs and waist. 5" waist pad for extra comfort. Chest harness attaches to waist with a high strength stainless steel rapid link for corrosion resistance. Quick adjust leg buckles. No shoulder D-rings on Black version.

Rescue Tech Vertex

CALL FOR PRICING   Vented for Rescuer Comfort. Comfortable and durable helmet with ventilation, meets requirements for working at height.  Adjustable ventilation: 5 holes on each side, can be closed with 2 sliding shutters. Chin strap designed to decrease the risk of losing the helemt in case of impact during a fall. Polycarbonate shell, resistant […]

Rescue Tech USAR

CALL FOR PRICING     A Multi-Use Personal Equipment Pack. Designed at the request of a Southeastern USAR Team, the pack keeps helmet, Class III harness, carabiners, webbing, gloves, accessory cord, goggles, and other personal gear ready for deployment. Manufactured of High Strength Polyester fabric. Padded on all sides to protect contents. "D" rings on […]


Rescue Tech USAR

CALL FOR PRICING   An equipment set designed to provide equipment for basic rigging, access, and rescue. All of our kits are made with the most current model of the components. As such, many kits are made-to-order and may require a couple of days to assemble. Colors: Blue, Red  This kit is composed of:  1 […]


Rescue Tech USAR

CALL FOR PRICING   An equipment set designed to provide equipment for basic rigging, access, and rescue. Set Includes: 1/2" NFPA Rope x 200 ft (1) RescueTECH Large D Carabiner (12) Gibbs Ascender, Free Running (2) 1/2" Rescue Ascender (2) NFPA Rescue 8 Descender (1) Rescue Rack (1) Anchor Sling w/ D, 6 foot (4) […]

Rescue Tech USAR

CALL FOR PRICING   A full backpack style equipment storage / carrier. Features a rope bag section with room for 200 ft of 1/2" ACCESS Lifeline PLUS space for a pre-rig rescue system (or a single 300' length of ACCESS Lifeline). This feature is easily accessible without opening the main compartment. The main compartment features […]