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Husky Portable Super

CALL FOR PRICING. Husky's patent pending "Super Berm" is the most revolutionary super heavy-duty berm to be offered in the secondary containment market with high and heavy traffic at the forefront of the design. The Super Berm is a true drive through model berm with a multi-layered floor that will stand up to extreme conditions. […]

Husky Portable Standard

    Husky's port-a-tank liners are designed so there are no bulky corners or sagging liner. Our manufacturing process (patent pending) allows us to use one continuous piece of material for the side panel, which is then welded to our Husky-duty floor material. We also install solid brass grommets in a tight pattern, alleviating any liner drooping […]

Husky Portable Self-Supporting

CALL FOR PRICING. Husky's® Self Supporting Decontamination Pools have a unique foam flotation collar that allows the sides to rise with the level of the liquid entering the pool. These pools are built with a round base and top opening. Standard sizes are listed below, but we can manufacture a tank to fit any size requirement. 25 […]

Husky Portable Salvage

Husky Portable Containment has set the bar for salvage cover durability, strength and workmanship. Our 10 oz. material is unmatched in the salvage cover market and is NFPA 701 certified fire resistant. Also the base fabric or “scrim” has a “Rip Stop” quality that eliminates tearing. Other Husky salvage cover materials, 14 oz., 18 oz., 22 oz. and […]

Husky Portable Patriot

CALL FOR PRICING. Husky® Aluminum Angle Berms are easy to use with minimal set up time. The benefit to our angle berms is by having separate aluminum angle pieces the berm liner itself is lighter to handle. This means less manpower to handle the same size berm in a one piece construction. The angle brackets come […]

Husky Portable Mini

CALL FOR PRICING. Our new economical mini basins are great for smaller containment issues. Keep the environment clean by using our mini basins for small gas-powered equipment, small containers of fuel, oils, solvents, paints and chemicals. Mini Basins are great for small, light-duty secondary containment Spill or drip berms Battery trays Folds to compact size Heavy-duty PVC […]

Husky Portable Freedom

CALL FOR PRICING. Our drive-through Freedom Series III Self-Rising Bermsare a unique one piece construction with self rising foam end and side walls. No inflation, no assembly! Side walls rise with the level of liquid entering the berm. Set up time is as quick as you can unfold it. This berm can be driven over from any […]

Husky Portable Freedom

CALL FOR PRICE. Our drive-through Freedom Series IV Aluminum Angle Berms are designed with aluminum angle side walls and self rising foam end walls. Set up time is quick. Side walls have pockets every 24" or less to accept angle brackets. End walls can be driven over repeatedly with no damage. No leaving your vehicle to drive […]

Husky Portable Folding

CALL FOR PRICING. Husky's® Folding Frame Decontamination Pools are built with a steel frame or aluminum frame and utilize a 22 oz. pvc liner. Standard sizes are listed below, but we can manufacture a tank to fit any size requirement. Pictured at right: (Top) Husky's® Steel Frame Decontamination Pool. (Bottom) Husky's® Aluminum Frame Decontamination Pool. Options: 7" diameter drain tube. Bulkhead […]

Husky Portable Eagle

CALL FOR PRICING. Husky® Air Wall Berms have a continuous air chamber that allows the air to disperse throughout the chamber when driving in and out of the berm. This design, along with the pressure relief valve, eliminates any blowouts. Husky® air wall berms are a one piece construction and are manufactured with materials ranging from 22 oz. […]

Husky Portable Drain

CALL FOR PRICING. Husky® drain covers are designed as a bladder to be filled with water and placed over a sewer or storm drain in order to eliminate any toxic waste or hazardous materials from entering the sewer or storm drain systems. They come in several sizes and can be custom built to your size requirements. The simple fill/closure […]

Husky Portable Decontamination

CALL FOR PRICING. This complete decon shower system includes everything you need to set up a decon system anywhere water is available. Shower system includes  PVC shower with four shower heads, hose with handheld sprayer, a 4’ x 8’ x1’ steel frame decon pool and carry bag. This shower system is lightweight, collapsible, and can be assembled quickly, […]