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Illuminating Helmet Tetrahedrons

FoxFire 8 pack of illuminating helmet tetrahedrons.


Illuminating 6 Pack

FoxFire illuminating safety helmet bars. 6 pack


Foxfire Illuminating Helmet

Identify your crew in total darkness and illuminate your surroundings with Foxfire illuminating tetrahedrons. Featuring a patented combination of high-output photoluminescence and extreme reflectivity, Foxfire illuminating tetrahedrons help firefighters reduce disorientation and increase visibility in darkened environments. Highlights: • Extreme reflectivity • High heat durability • Advanced photoluminescence afterglow • Strong surface bonding • Patented […]


Foxfire Illuminating Helmet

Transforming the safety of firefighting.  Track firefighters and increase safety in smoky or dark environments with illuminating/glow-in-the-dark helmet bands.  New advanced pigment glows brighter and longer.  Redesigned to be stronger and last longer. Increase visibility and positional orientation  Can be charged by any light source (sun, artificial light, low light) Will illuminate for hours May […]


Foxfire Illuminating Grip

Identify your crew and equipment with illuminating/glow-in-the-dark color-coded grip wrap. -Can be charged by any light source (sun, artificial light, low light) -Will illuminate surroundings for several hours when fully charged -May be recharged repeatedly -Glow/illumination serves as a “light emitter” -Energy efficient, eco-friendly and no batteries required -Heavy duty, made of industrial grade reinforced […]


Foxfire EG-Strip

Foxfire illuminating multipurpose adhesive strips combine Foxfire’s advanced photoluminescent technology with industrial grade adhesive. This product has unlimited uses such as illuminating ladder beams, tools, railings, apparatus and more and is designed to withstand high temperatures.   Additional Highlights: • Will illuminate surroundings for hours when fully charged • Simply cut product to fit size […]


Foxfire Do-It-Yourself Illumination

Paint doors, lockers, tools, door wedges, stairs, railings, equipment and more to glow in the dark and illuminate your surroundings. Each kit contains a two-part industrial grade epoxy, primer and application tools. -Coat tools and equipment to increase visibility and positional orientation -Coat stair railings, stairs and more to make buildings safer in the event […]