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Fire Hooks Wide

The Pro-Bar (aka Halligan) is the most popular tool in the fire service today.  The 30 Inch Pro-Bar, commonly known as the perfect forcible entry tool is used exclusive by the FDNY, Boston, Chicago and the majority of fire departments throughout the USA.  To make it better we have added more width to the ADZ […]


Fire Hooks Triple-Drop-Key

Stainless steel material with an adjustable depth gauge and new diameter for OTIS Elevators. 3/8 inch with three drops.


Fire Hooks Tri

Features a NY Roof Hook at one end and a Boston Rake Hook at the other, constructed on our versatile steel shaft. This unique configuration offers various options on the fireground.


Fire Hooks The

Introduced in 1998, this tool is shaped like a "U" with sharp, tapered blades that bite into lock cylinders of all shapes and sizes. Extra leverage and original head design provide the mechanical advantage to pull well secured lock cylinders. The opposite chisel end is used to drive rim locks after cylinders are removed.


Fire Hooks The

Features the same lock-pulling device as the Rex-Tool but without the pry-bar. Carry it in your pocket or wear on your belt with our large 3-inch leather loop. Carry it over the shoulder or wear it around your waist with the belt supplied. Apply when in operational procedure to pull or pry a lock cylinder […]


Fire Hooks The

A new Forcible Entry System from Fire Hooks Unlimited which solves the age-old problem of carrying an 8 pound Axe and a Halligan (AKA a Pro-Bar) in one hand. It contains three pieces: New 8 lb. 32" ADZ-Axe with super strong handle with deer's hoof. Has three times the strength of normal fiberglass handles. An […]


Fire Hooks The

The ultimate tool for forced entry, perfectly balanced to lay correctly in the hands for that short strike stroke on an iron or unlimited padlock breaker. Large, oversized head makes the strike zone more accurate and easy to hit. Cutting edge annealed to keep its edge longer. This axe offers a large strike surface, balanced […]


Fire Hooks Talon

A new and innovative hook.  another first from Fire Hooks Unlimited for use in the fire service.  Made of special lightweight steel or fiberglass shaft covered with 28 inches of our exclusive fire retardant no slip celtex grip.  On on end is our popular New York Roof Head, on the other is our newly designed […]


Fire Hooks Splitting

6 pounds, 28-inch Splitting Maul with ADZ bracket and celtex grips. Made to marry ADZ Bar 31" or Pro-Bar 30" with our new Shoulder Strap System (SSSYS).


Fire Hooks Shove

YOU ONLY NEED ONE – DOES THE JOB OF THREE Our Shove Knife is the fastest, damage free means of opening residential and office interior doors with key in the knob locks. Used extensively in fire towers to slip spring latch locks. The design makes the knife work from either side of the door. If […]

Fire Hooks San

The hook used by the San Francisco Fire Department since the turn of the century. We streamlined the design and brought more function to its features. A sharpened edge and penetration point was added to the right angle along with larger gripping teeth on the under side. Celtex grips and fiberglass shaft complete this unit. […]


Fire Hooks R-Tool

R-Tool and Leather Bag Small Straight Blade: Permits tool to engage lock cylinder in tight areas. Large V Blade: Permits tool to engage any size lock cylinder. Blade Ends Tapered: Permits tool to engage lock cylinder installed flush in the door. Sharp Leading Edges Both Blades: Permits tool to take bite into body of lock […]