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Diablo DS1203CP 12″

Description Diablo DS0908CF 9″ Carbide Recip Blades for Thick Metal Cutting – 3 Pack The Diablo Steel Demon Carbide-tipped reciprocating blades are the first carbide-tipped blades designed for extreme metal cutting; including high strength alloys, cast iron, and stainless steel. This high performance carbide-tipped blade delivers unmatched 50 times longer cutting life than standard bi-metal […]


Diablo D0748CF STEEL

DIABLO – STEEL DEMON D0748CF 7-1/4 in. 48-Tooth Cermet II Saw Blade for Mild & Stainless Steels Metal Cutting Cermet II (Ceramic and Metallic) teeth provide a high heat tolerance and increased hardness for superior wear and up to 5X longer than standard carbide metal cutting saw blades Triple Chip Tooth design provides less sparks […]