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Rope Cauldron

BlueWater Ropes Rope Cauldron. Adjustable, quick-release straps allow you to adjust the height of your Rope Cauldron up to 24″ by the clever use of a coil spring. A zipper pocket inside the Cauldron hangs onto your valuables while the four gear loops keep your rack organized and easy to access. The mesh zip top […]

Bluewater Figure 8

The BlueWater Figure 8 is forged from aluminum for high strength, good durability, and relatively low weight. It features an anodized finish that does not leave a ragged edge with wear as compared to hard-coat finishes. Designed for use with double 7/16″ ropes and single or double 1/2″ ropes and larger only. Available Black. Weight: 4.9 […]

9MM Accessory Cord

A nylon sheath with nylon core accessory cord for a multitude of applications limited only by the imagination. Available in: 60M Lengths in Red Mix or Blue Mix and Solid Black Elongation: @ 300 lbf = 4.2% @ 600 lbf = 8.0% @ 1000 lbf = 10.5% Diameter:     9mm Grams Per Meter:    51.5 […]

3MM Niteline Reflective

3mm Reflective Niteline accessory cord is ideal for a multitude of uses. Nylon core strands with solution dyed polyester sheath encompasses a single retroreflective strand for superior visibility in low light or night applications. Perfect for lightweight uses, stringing tarps, trail or hazard marking. Manufactured in the U.S.A. Available in: 50ft and 100m Lengths in […]

15MM Tubular Climb-Spec

15mm (nominal 5/8″) Climb-Spec® webbing features the same fine weave pattern as our 1″ Climb-Spec® webbing and features soft and supple characteristics that is easy to tie. The fine weave pattern resists picks and snags for a long life. CE and UIAA certified. 100% Nylon. Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Domestic and Globally sourced raw […]